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English Language Arts is an essential part of all courses at AEE. The goal of the AEE English department is to create critically thinking students that are able to communicate effectively in a variety of ways in all of their subject areas. As part of our English curriculum, students are challenged to create research reports, analytical essays, personal narratives, Powerpoint presentations, and multimedia presentations. Within these assignments students prove their ability to read critically, analyze information, use a variety of sources to support arguments, and communicate ideas effectively. 

English Department -- Rubrics for Writing Assignments

The English Department has agreed to utilize the following set of rubrics which are aligned to the Common Core Standards, grade level, and by rhetorical mode--Expository, Argumentative, and Narrative writing.

Rubrics for 9th and 10th grade: 

Rubrics for 11th and 12th grade:

Departments Locker
1/24/13 2:37 PM
5/19/14 3:47 PM
8/22/12 11:27 PM
8/16/13 9:33 AM
8/2/12 9:38 PM