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Foreign Language

Why do we need Spanish?

Spanish is spoken by about 350 million people around the world; and knowing Spanish you will open your possibilities to communicate and compare the hispanic culture with your own as well as to improve your employment potential by being bilingual.

Helpful links for the AP Spanish Language

Radio Naciones Unidas


First unit (1-7 weeks)

Spanish 1

Unit Title: En la escuela (1-3 weeks)

Text: Realidades 1

Content: Practice and develop new vocabulary.  Learn and practice new grammar structure.

Students will be able to:  Greet people at different times of the day as well as use the Spanish alphabet to spell words.

Culminating task: Theme project/Test

Que te gusta hacer (4-7 weeks)

Studest will be able to:  talk about school activities and say what they like and don't like to do.   Also, they will talk about infinitives and negative statements

Culminating task:  A mi me gusta mucho... You are a new student at school and have been asked to tell the class a little bit about your likes and dislikes.

Spanish 2  

Unit Title:  Como eres tu y que haces? (1-3 weeks)

Text: Realidades 2

Content: Conjugation of AR, ER and IR verbs in present indicative.

Students will be able to talk about things people do and how often.

Culminating task:  Write a poem in the shape of a dimond.   The poem is going to describe you.

Que haces en la escuela (4-7 weeks)

Content: Stem-Changing verbs.

Students will be able to describe classroom objects and activities.  Also, they will talk about classroom rules and express affirmative and negative ideas.

Culminating task:  You have been invited to be principal for a day.  Your first task is to create some school rules and display them on a poster.  Be creative! After you complete the poster, present it to the class.





office hours

Mr. Aguirre  Z-3 Tuesday from 7:15 -  7:45 AM

Mr. Velez Z-4 Tuesday from  7:15 -  7:45 AM

Spanish Teachers

Foreign language department grading scale

100%-90%  A

89%-80%    B

79%- 70%   C

69%- 60%   D

59% and below  Fail

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