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2014-15 Calendar

Title I Meeting

AEE 2014-15 Title I Meeting


When:  Tuesday, November 4

Where: Z19

Time: 5:15

Light snacks provided



  1.  Welcome/Call to Order Michelle Bryant, Principal 
  2. Flag Salute
  3. Review of Minutes
  4. Review and Approval Jessica Ravelo
    1. Student-Parent Compact
    2. Parent Involvement Policy
  5. SPSA Evaluation

  6. Public Comments

  7. Announcement

  8. Adjournment


Next meeting:  January 13, 2015




Even if you think you don’t qualify

Only need  to apply once per family, make sure to list all students names.

Our school is listed as CARSON ACADMY ED & EMP

Why is it important that your family fill out a lunch application?

  • Lunch applications determine our schools Title I eligibility


What does that mean for the school?

  • Money to buy instructional supplies for the classroom
  • Money to buy technology for your students use
  • Money to provide after school tutoring for your student
  • Curricular and College Trips for your student


What does it mean for your student?

  • Access to school lunches
  • Discounted testing- SAT and AP test.

Our Vision

AEE envisions a school where teachers, students, parents and community members work together to unlock student potential and inspire them to make a positive impact on our community.   

Our Mission

 Our MISSION is to develop socially conscious, critical thinkers who are prepared for life beyond high school, college and careers in education and public service.

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Community upload. Teachers, Parents, Students can load pictures and baby pictures for our staff to look at!!


<a href="
?sid=1-5H-789&dest=CU"><img src="
schoolbanners/728x90-M.jpg" alt="Community Upload"/></a>


Buy your email online:

<a href="
?sid=1-5H-789&dest=BAYB"><img src="
schoolbanners/728x90-J.jpg" alt="Buy a Yearbook"/></a>


First, they have to create a free account on Walsworth (the link takes them there to community upload) and the access code is COLTS2015

Registration Packet

The Registration Packet and information about registration can be downloaded from the following link:

Registration Packet

Or by clicking on "Registration Packet" at the top of the page.

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AEE Spirit Week 2013

AEE Spirit Week 2013

Class of 2015

Class of 2015

Freshmen Games - Leadership Class

Freshmen Games - Leadership Class

Freshmen Games - Class of 2017

Freshmen Games - Class of 2017

Freshmen Games



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