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February 3, 2015

5:15 PM


  1.  Welcome/Call to Order
  2.  Flag Salute
  3. Review of Minutes
  4. SPSA
  5. ELAC Business
    1. ​Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Next meeting:  March 3, 2015 at 5:15 in Z19


Teacher Office Hours





William Aguirre



7:15 - 7:45

Gary Aquino



3:15 - 4:15

Patrick Coughlan




Brian Cramp


M/F T/Th

7:15 - 7:45 3:15 - 4:45

Joseph Davidock




Kim Fernandez




Sheila Green




Monica Hernandez



3:15 - 4:15

Jane Kim



3:15 - 4:00

Amrit Lal




Tonya Mallory



3:15 - 4:15

Ralph Mertens



7:20 - 7:50

Andrea Mims




Debbie Morris



3:15 - 4:15

Gabriel Paez




Jessica Ravelo



3:15 - 4:00

Denise Rendon



3:15 - 4:00

Marco Rocha




Brooke Solomon




Steve Soltysik



3:15 - 4:15

Fariba Vatandoust




Alfredo Velez



7:15 - 7:45


Job Opportunities

Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor amusement parks are starting to look for young people to work in the upcoming months at their locations.  Please click the following link for more details:
Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation is seeking locker room attendants.  
o   Minimum requirements: 
no training or experience needed and at least 16 years of age by July 1, 2015.
On-line filling will close after 400 applicants are received or on Wednesday, Feb 11th at 5:00 PM, whichever occurs first.  Salary is $9.00 per hour.


The City of Carson is lucky to have two Target stores. If you are not familiar with them, you can get everything from underwear to potato chips to prescriptions to stereos, all in a one-stop-shopping experience.

Target offers a "REDCARD," which links to your bank accounts, and gives an automatic 5% off of your total purchase every time. 

They also assist local education by donating 1% of your total to the school of your choice. Sign up and help your son or daughters school, by linking to Academies of Education and Empowerment!



Even if you think you don’t qualify

Only need  to apply once per family, make sure to list all students names.

Our school is listed as CARSON ACADMY ED & EMP

Why is it important that your family fill out a lunch application?

  • Lunch applications determine our schools Title I eligibility


What does that mean for the school?

  • Money to buy instructional supplies for the classroom
  • Money to buy technology for your students use
  • Money to provide after school tutoring for your student
  • Curricular and College Trips for your student


What does it mean for your student?

  • Access to school lunches
  • Discounted testing- SAT and AP test.

Our Vision

AEE envisions a school where teachers, students, parents and community members work together to unlock student potential and inspire them to make a positive impact on our community.   

Our Mission

 Our MISSION is to develop socially conscious, critical thinkers who are prepared for life beyond high school, college and careers in education and public service.

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Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

As you may be aware, President Obama recently announced important changes to our nation’s immigration system that we hope will bring millions of children and families closer to realizing the American Dream, which begins with an education.

Too many of our students and parents live with the fear of deportation and the anxiety of economic uncertainty. Our broken immigration system has resulted in the exploitation of immigrant workers and the separation of families. We expect the president’s administrative reforms to provide much needed relief and instill a sense of hope and optimism in our communities. Some highlights of the president’s reform, which are expected to begin in 2015, include:

Expansion of Existing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program

- No age restriction for DACA applicants, so long as they arrived before July 1, 2010

New Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program

  • -  Deferred deportations for parents of children who are permanent residents or U.S. citizens

  • -  Access to social security number, work permit, and driver’s license for qualified applicants

    As a community of leaders within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), we commit to supporting efforts to assist families with documentation related to school records.

    If you think you might be affected by these changes, we urge you to seek help from reliable sources. Unfortunately, too many so-called “notaries” and dishonest lawyers prey on the hopes of individuals and families seeking a better life. Beware of anyone who guarantees results or charges excessive fees while providing little in return. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website offers reliable information and tips to help you avoid scams. You can access their website at: In the coming months, we will work with our labor, community, and civic leaders to identify programs and services that will help families access services from trusted partners.

    Every employee in LAUSD is interested in improving the quality of life for the students and families we serve. We are preparing every student for success in college and the workforce. As a district, we understand that students need more than academic support in order to be academically successful. Our schools play a pivotal role in our communities, connecting students to the supports they need to thrive. Our schools will continue to serve as safe-havens for families. When our students and families succeed, we all benefit.



Ramon Cortines Interim Executive Director, Dr. Richard Vladovic Superintendent, LAUSD Board President, LAUSD, Alex Caputo-Pearl President, UTLA 

Scott Washburn
SEIU Local 99




Estimados padres y/o tutores:

Seguramente ya es de su conocimiento que el presidente Obama recientemente anunció cambios importantes en el sistema de inmigración de nuestra nación, que esperamos pueda acercar a millones de niños y familias a que hagan realidad el Sueño Americano, el cual comienza con una educación.

Son demasiados nuestros estudiantes y padres que viven con temor a la deportación y con ansiedad por la incertidumbre económica. Nuestro fallido sistema de inmigración ha dado lugar a la explotación de los trabajadores inmigrantes y a la separación de las familias. Esperamos que las reformas administrativas del presidente puedan ofrecer el alivio que es tan necesario e infundir esperanza y optimismo en nuestras comunidades. Algunos aspectos destacados de la reforma del presidente, que se espera que darán inicio en 2015, incluyen:

Expansión del programa de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA) existente

- No hay restricción de edad para los solicitantes de DACA, siempre y cuando hayan llegado antes del 1o de julio de 2010

Nuevo programa de Acción Diferida por Responsabilidad Parental (DAPA)

- Aplazará deportaciones de los padres de los niños que son residentes permanentes o ciudadanos estadounidenses
- Dará a los solicitantes calificados acceso a un número de seguro social, permiso de trabajo, y licencia para


Como comunidad de líderes del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles (LAUSD), nos comprometemos a apoyar la labor para ayudar a las familias con la documentación relativa a los expedientes escolares.

Si cree que estos cambios podrían afectar su situación, le instamos que busque la ayuda de fuentes confiables. Desafortunadamente, muchos de los que se llaman "notarios" y los abogados deshonestos se aprovechan de las esperanzas de las personas y familias que buscan una vida mejor. Tenga cuidado con cualquier persona que le garantice resultados o que le haga pagar cantidades excesivas mientras le ofrece poco a cambio de ello. El sitio web de los Servicios Federales de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos ofrece información confiable y consejos para ayudarlos a evitar las estafas. Puede visitar En los próximos meses, trabajaremos con nuestros lideres laborales, de la comunidad y cívicos para identificar los programas y servicios que ayudan a las familias a tener acceso a los servicios de colaboradores de confianza.

Todos los empleados del LAUSD tienen interés en mejorar la calidad de vida de los estudiantes y de las familias a quienes les prestamos servicios. Estamos preparando a cada estudiante para el éxito en la universidad y en la fuerza laboral. Como distrito, entendemos que los estudiantes necesitan más apoyo académico con el fin de tener éxito académico. Nuestras escuelas juegan un papel fundamental en nuestras comunidades, conectando a los estudiantes con el apoyo que necesiten para prosperar. Nuestras escuelas continuarán siendo un refugio seguro para las familias. Cuando nuestros estudiantes y sus familias tienen éxito, todos nos beneficiamos. 


Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 9.55.50 AM.png

Registration Packet

The Registration Packet and information about registration can be downloaded from the following link:

Registration Packet

Or by clicking on "Registration Packet" at the top of the page.

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Class of 2015

Class of 2015


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